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Zabu AutoFarm (Vault)
Auto-compounding with low fees, high APYs with novel architects.

What makes the Zabu AutoFarm different?

The Zabu AutoFarm has the competitive fees on Avalanche network, which means a higher portion of rewards are re-invested when compared to other platforms. Since fees are the lowest, our APYs will be among the highest Vaults on Avalanche! Your rewards will be re-invested up to 96 times a day (highest on Avalanche), ensuring that all profits you receive are compounded as frequently as possible.

Why use Zabu AutoFarm?

Save Time and Earn More Yield

Many defi protocols pay rewards to users in the form of tokens (farming rewards). Farmers who claim rewards often and compound their deposits maximize their rewards and farming yield. However, most farmers do not reach an optimal level of returns for two reasons:
  • Prohibitive gas costs to claim and compound farming rewards
  • High time commitment to frequently compound
Zabu AutoFarm helps all farmers earn more yield by pooling assets and socializing the costs of compounding. This means much more frequent compounding, which happens automatically.

How does AutoFarm benefit crowd (stakers/farmers)?

  • It saves you time and costs. Imagine you are farming on ZUBAX-AVAX, you have to: Harvest rewards, split to ZUBAX and AVAX, add LP and restake. Now you just need to click Manual Compound, or someone deposit/withdraw will do the compounding for you.
  • It saves crowd money. Imagine that 1,000 people compound for themselves, there are 1,000 transactions on-chain. Let's say one transaction costs $0.1, 1,000 people need to spend $100 on compounding for 1 time. Now only one person click Manual Compound, or someone deposit/withdraw, Zabu AutoFarm will compound for the whole 1,000 people in the Vault.
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