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How does Zabu AutoFarm work?
Our novel protocol...

How does it work?

Zabu AutoFarm automates your work on compounding interest. Whenever someone deposit, withdraw or click "Manual Compound" (expected around 30 minutes per action), the Vault:
  • Harvest rewards.
  • Split rewards into two halves and add LP for you if you farm LP Pools, or Convert rewards into your staked tokens if you farm Single Asset Pools.
  • Reinvest in the Vault.
  • Reinvest fee: Zabu AutoFarm charges 2% fee on rewards token, using 1.5% to buyback ZUBAX and burn to dead address, 0.5% using to pay developer who wrote the Vault strategy.
  • Security fee: Zabu AutoFarm charges 0.1% fee on withdrawal.

How can Zabu AutoFarm achieve the best frequency of auto-compounding on the market?

Our novel protocol of Zabu AutoFarm (forked and improved from AutoFarm project on BSC) will have a unique feature: the Vaults auto-compound whenever a user deposits or withdraws, alongside with the "manual compound" button. This unique design helps Zabu AutoFarm to reach the best frequency of auto-compounding on the market (up to 48-96 times per day), ensuring the best possible APYs for your staking.
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