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The "Manual Compound" Button
Do it if you want..

Do I need to press the "Manual Compound" button?

No. Someone else will press it for you to earn the reward.

How does it work?

The "manual compound" button takes all pending rewards from a pool, converts them into the farm asset, and reinvests them back into the pool to compound deposits for everyone in the farm.
Whenever someone deposit/withdraw, they will also simultaneously press that button for you.

When should I press it?

The "manual compound" button is optional. You do not need to press it. However, you might be motivated to press it to earn the reward.
If your goal is to net gain in AVAX, then you need to consider the reward token / AVAX price ratio, transaction cost for reinvesting for that particular pool, the transaction cost for swapping the reward token into AVAX, etc.
You need to participate in the pool to be able to receive the reinvest reward.
Last modified 2mo ago