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Zabu Farms (Yield Farming)
High APY farms that provide liquidity to the Pangolin and Trader Joe exchanges

What are Zabu Farms?

Zabu Farms allow users to earn ZUBAX by staking your Pangolin Liquidity Provider (Pangolin LP) and Trader Joe Liquidity Provider (JOE LP) tokens. Many popular token pairs are available in the platform to choose from, such as ZUBAX-AVAX or ZUBAX-USDT.e. By staking LP tokens, you're supporting the Pangolin exchange and Trader Joe exchange by providing liquidity.
You can also stake single asset to earn ZUBAX. By staking single asset such as WAVAX, PNG, QI, JOE, WBTC.e, WETH.e, etc., you're supporting the Zabu platform in TVL and attract more people to the ecosystem.
Staking Single Assets
Deposit and Withdrawal Fees There is zero fee on both Deposit and Withdrawal on Zabu Farm. When do the market buy & burns of ZUBAX happen?
When the Zabu AutoFarm is ready, the Vaults will charge fees to buyback ZUBAX token on the market and burn to dead address. This will support the long term price of ZUBAX token to be sustainable.
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